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   Federal and Military Gang and Extremist Group Investigators 
are guided by several laws and regulations, including 
those listed in the 1999 Hate Crimes Laws listing of 
the ADL, Title XV, and Army Regulation 600-20

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    We are available for law enforcement briefings within our region, 
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    Our briefings usually count toward in-service credit.  Contact the training department for your agency, and send us e-mail.

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Note: the STG Briefing is in MS Powerpoint
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Jun. 13, 2007
Army apologizes to Guardsmen over tattoos, Scripps Howard News Service
Jun. 7, 2007
Two soldiers arraigned in beating death tied to gang initiation, from Stars & Stripes
Jun. 4, 2007
Officials fear gangs linking up with terrorists, Newsday
Jun. 3, 2007
Former gang member appeals to youth to 'Refuse to Die Like That', Goldsboro News-Argus
Jun. 1, 2007
Guardsman stole gear because he was mad about his time in Iraq, Chicago Sun-Times
May 31, 2007
Prosecutors removed in gang-related case, from Stars & Stripes
May 25, 2007
Shooting about girl, not gang, Sarasota Herald-Tribune
May 17, 2007
House Passes Thompson's Amendment to Prohibit Gang Members in the Military
May 2, 2007
Military gangways, csindy.com
Apr. 27, 2007
11 Soldiers Arrested in Home Invasion, ABC News/Associated Press
Apr. 24, 2007
Mannheim hearing to weigh dismissed gang-death charges, from Stars & Stripes
Guard Unit Claims Racism, from Military.com (Albuquerque Journal)
Apr. 20, 2007
Most charges dropped against soldier accused of gang initiation death, from Stars & Stripes
Mar. 31, 2007
Activity by gangs in military is increasing, El Paso Times
Mar. 28, 2007
Convicted killer of carjacked Air Force officer set to die, Dallas Morning News
Witness: Soldier hit over 200 times in initiation,  from Stars & Stripes
Marines Ban Big, Garish Tattoos, Associated Press/Chicago Tribune

Mar. 27, 2007
Testimony reveals location of gang beating, from Stars & Stripes
Mar. 21, 2007
Murder charge dropped for soldier in beating death, from Stars & Stripes
Mar 18., 2007
SoCal gang member convicted of killing sailor home from Iraq, Associated Press
Mar. 8, 2007
Arrests made in teen's stabbing death, Jacksonville, NC Daily News
Mar. 2, 2007
Would-be soldier now marked man, Portland Press-Herald
Mar. 1, 2007
Marines warned to avoid neighborhood, San Diego Union Tribune

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