Gangs in the Military

The question, "Are there gangs in the military?" is similar to asking, "Are there left-handed people in the military?"  The military is a microcosm (a smaller version, with representative characteristics) of the American community.  We have gangs in our communities, so it makes sense that we have gangs in the military -- right?

Not exactly.  The discipline found in the military ranks is not conducive to running a gang "in the military."  Though being a soldier is not exactly an 8 to 5 job, it is hard to have what many would consider an "alternative lifestyle" and still be a member of the military.  Could a soldier be a painter and still be in the military?  Sure, as long as he didn't want to paint all the time.  Could he make moonshine (or your choice of unlawful activity)? Sure, but like with any criminal activity, the military would not condone his or her actions.

Many uninformed public relations folks, if asked whether there are gangs in the military, will immediately deny their existence.  Others will say that since the military represents society there is a small fraction of the population but not so much that it impacts the mission.  Consider this.  At what point does it impact the mission? When 1 in 10 service members are gang bangers part-time?  When it's 1 in 100?

The media loves to report on gang activity in the military.  You'll see pictures periodically of graffiti sprayed on buildings, cars, and even tanks.  But this is a very small indicator of gang activity, and does not represent what should be the main concern.  The main thing that gang members do is commit felonies.  They are forever loyal to the gang.  They are not committed to "support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies . . . bear true faith and allegiance to the same; and . . . obey the orders of the President of the United States and the orders of the officers appointed over me . . . So help me God." (Oath of Enlistment & Office)

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Military-applicable Gang Laws include:

AR 600-20 (Army Command Policy)
DOD Directive 1325.6 (Guidelines for Handling Dissident and Protest Activities Among Members of the Armed Forces)
DA Pamphlet 60015 (Extremist Activities)
USAREUR Pamphlet 190-100 (Gangs and Extremist Groups--A Handbook for Commanders, Parents, and Teachers )
State Street Gang Terrorism acts

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GANG LINKS:                    blustrob.gif (27492 bytes)

Austin, TX Gang Busters          Austin Gang Busters (Austin, TX Police Department)

Broward County Mag Force          Broward County Multi-Agency Gang Task Force

California Gang Investigator's Association          California Gang Investigator's Association

Chicago Crime Commission         Chicago Crime Commission

Handbook for Parents and Teachers          Curtis High School Gang Handbook for Parents and Teachers

Office of Juvenile Justice plus      DOJ - Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention

DOJ - COPS            DOJ - COPS Anti-Gang Initiative

FLA DC       Florida Department of Corrections - Gang Information

fgia           Florida Gang Investigator's Association

Neat Training Opportunities!        Gang Resistance Education And Training Program (ATF site)

International Association of Asian Crime Investigators            International Association of Asian Crime Investigators

                 Kentucky 506.130. Engaging in furtherance of criminal gang activity

Memphis PD Blue           Memphis, TN Police Department  -  Gang Awareness

Midwest Gang investigators           Midwest Gang investigator's Association

         National Alliance of Gang Investigators Assoc.

         National Major Gang Task Force

 National Youth Gang Center         National Youth Gang Center

scottsd.gif (32213 bytes)           Scottsdale, AZ Police Department

SE Gang Activities Group           Southeastern Gang Activities Group

T.G.I.A.          Tennessee Gang Investigators Association
                    Tennessee 40-35-121. Criminal gang offenses

TX GIA         Texas Gang Investigator's Association

Wood County, OH Gang Task Force        Wood County (OH) Gang Task Force

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ADL          Anti-Defamation League

sealsml.gif (2989 bytes)              Federal Law Enforcement Training Center

fla_dc.gif (6316 bytes)          Florida Department of Corrections

The Hate Directory             Hate Directory

hatewatch   Hate watch Online

miltitle.gif (4366 bytes)          Militia Watchdog

Mining Co - Militia Mvmt About.Com  Militia Movement info

nazis among us             Nazis Among Us (see origin of the Swastika's Use)

The Public Eye         Responding to Hate Groups

Southern Poverty Law Center         Southern Poverty Law Center


notart3.gif (35515 bytes)          Anti-Graffiti Web page

symbolslogo.gif (1982 bytes)        Symbols Online

TagNet                 Tag Net  (anti-graffiti resources)


Occult Crime        Cult Crime: Religous Culture and Deviant Groups

    Street gangs and gangs (Gangstyle)

            Gang Peace -  the Peace that Keeps

         The Gang Unit

REID            John E. Reid Training - Gang and Drug Crime Investigations

Click Here for Steve's Press Bio            The Coroner's Report - Gangwar.com - Main Menu

           National Gang Crime Research Center

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CPD             Clarksville, TN Police Department

Hendersonville, TN, PD              Hendersonville, TN Police Department

Nashville                Nashville, TN Police Department

ROCIC Regional Organized Crime Information Center

TBI            Tennessee Bureau of Investigations

Virtual Librarian            Virtual Librarian - Gangs (including Aryan, Mexican, Triads)


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